Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho

I hope everyone is having themselves a very happy holiday season.

This is the extent of my holiday decorating this year, except for a few other long-legged snowmen (that I've somehow accumulated over the years) setting around.

On another note...

It's a cold drizzly day, but I'm not complaining because we need the rain badly.

And watching this lone chicken scratching and pecking in the rain reminded me of a new phrase I learned...at church...this past Sunday.  The older lady who sits in front of me had a mild case of what I would have called "bed head".  After services, her husband happened to get a glimpse of he back of her head and told her she had "chicken butt" hair.  When you have chickens, "chicken butt" hair somehow seems an appropriate description. 

Now, let it be known that I do not say the word "butt".  I can type it, but I can't actually say it out loud.  "Bum" or "bottom" or "hiney" or the words I use.  However, I have recently discovered that "bottom" is considered by some to be not a word for polite conversation.  This word was just recently taken off my sister-in-law's "boys club" list.  She has two little boys and a list of words that they are not allowed to use in polite society or in a jesting way while in her company.  She decided that "bottom" could come off of the boys club list and she told my brother that she was going to inform the boys of this while they were in the car going somewhere.  My brother said, "Are you sure?  I don't think you've thought this through thoroughly."

Sister-in-law forged ahead and informed the boys that "bottom" was now an acceptable word to use in her presence.

For the next 20-30 minute car ride, the only word the boys said, amidst giggles and laughter, was "bottom".  They even sang songs with the only lyrics being, "bottom". 

 **to the tune of Jingle Bells**
Bottom, bottom, bottom
Bottom, bottom, bottom
Bottom, bottom, bottom, bottom, bottom,
Bottom, bottom, bottom, ba-bottom, bottom, bottom
Bottom, bottom, bottom, bottom, bottom...bottom!

Beware boys and relaxing the boys club word list rules.


April said...

Who are you talking about?

I guess I'm the odd one out cause we say 'butt' all the time..in fact it was a saying all the time "...bust your butt" as in I'm gonna.BYB, or do you want me to BYB? LOL

April said...

OK..never mind..I know who it is..LOL I'm sure our brother did the big Eye roll thing..LOL

WeldrBrat said...

I avoid 'family matters' at all possible extent. LOL But I DO LOVE your Snowman!!! And I LOVE the white feather Boa trick! Gorgeous!!!!