Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Wisteria arbor is in bloom...beautiful! Click on any of these pictures to see the BIG version. You can see some Texas Longhorns in the background of this one. There are a couple of calves (there's a white one beside it's spotted momma in the picture) out there now. Rumour has it that those longhorns escape frequently and roam all around.

Roofing Progress

The roof is almost done. It looks great.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Wasted Day

It looks like my whole day is going to be wasted. The girl from Sears delivery was supposed to call me back on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning to let me know when they were going to deliver the appliances on Thursday or Friday so I could meet them out there. Also, we're getting another barn estimate and a woman from that company was supposed to call me back yesterday to set up a time to meet her today. So, I was planning on going out to Athens today to receive the delivery, meet with the barn builders, and go look at a tractor that Tom wants me to see. In addition to all of that, the roofer told me they were going to try to roof today before several days of rain commence. I wanted to be out there for that.

NOBODY called me back. I don't know how to reach Sears delivery, so I can't call them. I called the barn person and she said she'd just run out there to see the place herself. I'm still waiting on a confirmation from the roofer, but I'm doubting they got out there. It doesn't make sense for me to drive all the way out there to look at one tractor. So I'm in a holding pattern here at the house until I hear from someone and it is so frustrating.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rain and Roofs

Tom finished the rafter repairs today so I sent the roofer a message that they could put the new roof on any time now. He wrote back that the materials were supposed to arrive on Thursday and he scheduled us for Monday. Oops. I checked the weather forecast for the next ten days. It's supposed to rain Friday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I asked could they possibly move it up to Saturday and am awaiting a reply.

I got a call from Sears and my appliances, that I ordered last week and were supposed to take four to six weeks to be delivered, have arrived. They wanted to deliver them in the morning. I was able to put them off until Thursday or Friday, so I'll be headed out there later this week to take delivery and find a place, in the still-occupied house, to store them.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The rain did affect the roofer's schedule. We're pushed out to Monday.

I ordered my appliances today.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rain...and More Rain

We've been having a constant downpour all day. I doubt there is any roofing going on today. I hope it doesn't set us back by much.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Cabinet Mania

Finally, the kitchen plan is complete and the cabinets were ordered today. It was a surprisingly draining experience. It took four meetings with the designer, the last one being today and that lasted four hours. The cabinets are scheduled to arrive in four to six weeks, which will be around the end of April. That should give me enough time to get the existing kitchen torn out and prepared for the new installation...after the tenant (ex-owner) moves out.

The next steps are ordering the appliances, sink, and faucet, which I've already chosen, then choosing the granite, wood flooring, and tile for the back splash.

Roof shingles are supposed to be torn off some day this week. We're having storms for the next couple of days, so it may be toward the end of the week. Tom got the breaker box changed out yesterday.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bigger Is Better?

Ack! I think our barn has grown a few feet. We met with the barn builder out at the new place to show him what we wanted to build. To enclose the current barn structure, it looks like we'll hav to lay a perimeter foundation around the whole existing structure, which adds a foot or two to the size, at least width-wise.

I had wanted to have that perimeter anyway because I was afraid that the barn wouldn't look finished if two-thirds of it had a concrete foundation showing and the other third just had metal siding down to the ground. I was also concerned that varmints would burrow under the foundationless side and invade the barn. Tom was hesitating on the perimeter foundation, so I'm glad the barn guy said he needed it.

We still don't have a quote on the cost, though. That may curb our enthusiasm a bit.

While walking the barn site, trying to imagine what it's going to be like, I noticed that the living quarters will have a lovely view. The windows and the outside door will be all down one side and looking out over the pastures with big trees, which will also shade that side. Maybe some day we can put a little porch out there for guests to enjoy the view and the summer breeze.

We also had the opportunity to drive around the town quite a bit.. We found a church that looks promising. It might be full of old people, but the building was fairly new and smallish. We'll visit there as soon as possible.

Athens seems to be a bustling little town with quite a lot of traffic on the square. I stopped at the visitors center and picked up a bunch of literature about the town and a phone book. There's plenty to see and do....at least for a day. lol And they have a nice civic center with an inside pool, conference rooms to rent, workout rooms, walking trails, etc. Also, an arboretum. I'll have to check that one out to see what grows well in that area. Apparently, Athens is the black-eyed pea capitol. Who knew?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Measurement Challenged

Well, I did say that I was not to be trusted with a measuring tape. My kitchen plan did not get finished today, despite a three hour meeting with the designer. I had made a couple of measurement errors that required some changes in the plan, in addition to the few tweaks I had made in the original plan. I have another meeting with the designer on Saturday. Maybe we can finish it up then. I sure hope so because she's leaving the company on the 18th and I don't want to have to switch to a different designer in the middle.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Living in the Barn

For those of you who may come to stay with us someday, we're planning an apartment in the barn (we'll also have two guest rooms in our home, for those who object to barn living ;o) ). Tom and I are actually having some fun planning it. Who knew? Anyway, since our barn has morphed into a much larger space, the apartment has grown along with it.

The current plan is that down one whole side of the barn, all 64 feet of it, will run, from front to back - Tom's 12x12 office, a bedroom, bathroom, living area with kitchenette, and another bedroom at the far end. There will be a door that opens into the barn from the living area and also a door that opens to the outside, plus some windows.

The finishing out of the apartment is some time down the road, but we have to plan it now so that we can put in the plumbing before the foundation is poured.

We had planned on giving our bedroom furniture, which we inherited from Tom's grandmother, to one of Tom's many newly married cousins. Fortunately, none of them seemed to want it. So, now that I know we're planning an apartment, I'm glad I still have it because I can use it to furnish the place. There is enough to furnish both bedrooms except we'll need to get one more bed. And since the new house is smaller than our current house, I'll also have enough living room/kitchen furniture to furnish both places, which is great.

We're going back out there tomorrow for more measurements and again on Wednesday to meet with the barn builder.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

And...They're Off!

Roofers are scheduled for a couple of weeks from now. I've got an appointment on Monday to finalize my kitchen plans. Hopefully, I can get the cabinets ordered this coming week. I had a contractor go out to the house and remeasure the kitchen for me because I'm not to be trusted with a tape measure. Then I have to get a few bids on getting the work done.

Our barn has grown much larger than we had orginally planned. There is a barn on the property, but it's kind of an eyesore and is not totally enclosed. However, it has some very nice, sturdy stalls and a tack room. We plan to take off the old tin that is currently on it and have it completely enclosed as part of our new barn. So, we'll have the stalls on one side and a big open area in the middle to park tractors and do barnly stuff. On the other side, we plan to put in an office for Tom and a small apartment for guests. We're going to go ahead and put the plumbing in before the concrete is poured so that we'll have it when we get around to finishing the apartment.

Luckily, the kitchen appliances are pretty new, so I can put them into the apartment's kitchenette.