Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baby Goat Out of Season

We bought three new female Boer goats this summer.  They were all three supposed to be pregnant with full-blooded Boer babies.  They all were pretty fat, but only one got fatter, so I was beginning to doubt the pregnancy of two of them.  So I put Billy in with them and he got busy with his main job on the farm and the two girls that I thought might not be pregnant were highly enthusiastic about having Billy in their pasture.  So, that clinched it.  If they were pregnant, Billy wouldn't have been after them and they would have run from him or shoved him away like the extra fat (thus pregnant) goat did.

So, yesterday, this little guy was born.  I discovered him out in the pasture when I went out to feed in the morning.

He is adorable.   A little smaller than the Nubians when they are born.

He's got a pretty momma and he's her first kid.  I just wish she had had twins.  She was hugely fat and I'm very surprised that she just had one.

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April said...

So cute! He looks like a little rabbit laying down.