Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Thursday, December 30, 2010

First and Second Stage Tape and Bed

The new tape and bed guys started yesterday. They showed up at 9:00 as promised and worked until they had the whole place taped and the first coat of mud applied.  Today they had the second coat applied by noon.  These guys are quick and reliable. 

Bedroom closet.


Tom finished the decking on the roof of the apartment.  It's ready for storage items if the A/C guys would just come get their job done.  I continue to be unimpressed with them for not showing up when they say they will.


April said...

YEA! FOR THE NEW TAPING/BEDDING guys. Boo! for the AC guys.

Did ya'll ever hear anymore from the 1st taping/bedding guy?

Mosaics said...

I haven't heard from the other tape/bed guy. I don't know if Tom has since those first couple of days. I don't think so.

Our new guys are supposed to come tomorrow and finish up with a primer coat. Go figure, they want to work on New Year's day.

I seriously need to choose my paint colors because I've got to paint next week.