Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Strawberry Boat

This is my future strawberry patch.

I've been looking for a free old boat for about a year now.  Would have preferred a vintage wooden one just because it would have looked good, but as Tom pointed out, a wooden one would rot.  So, aluminum it is.  Turns out, a friend of ours had three of these languishing on his property and when he found out I wanted one, he offered it to us and we gladly took it.

It's upside down right now because we're going to drill some drainage holes in it, then I'm going to paint it.  After that, we'll turn it over and fill it with dirt, then I'll plant strawberries in it.

Very cool.

Update on the aquaponics...

Having the guineas perched over the water tank for a couple of weeks really perked up the aquaponics system.  The birds pooped in the water which, apparently, was good fertilizer.  In the background are the same cabbage plants that were started in the beginning, but would never grow.  They had a growth spurt since the guinea poop.  In the foreground are some pumpkin and watermelon plants that sprouted two days after Tom put them in there.  I argued that it's too late in the season to plant them because even if they grow a vine, they won't produce any fruit.  And, if they did, I'm all pumpkined out anyway.  He should have planted something useful like broccoli or lettuce that will produce in cooler weather and not take up so much room.

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