Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Step Awaaay From the Testosterone

With Billy and his little unsold offspring, the goat pasture is overflowing with testosterone.

There's lots of sputtering and tongue flapping and knocking each other about.

Billy's "mini-me", Clem, kept escaping and sauntering across the driveway to the does' pasture until we  discovered where he was slipping through the fence and blocked it off.

He's for sale now and has reminded me, in a big way, why I don't want two bucks on the farm.  I tried to sell him in the spring, but it's more difficult to sell bucks than it is to sell wethers (castrated males) or does, so I didn't have any takers.

This is one of Billy's offspring from a couple of years ago, a buck that we weren't able to sell, so we had him wethered.  See how shiny, smooth, and clean he looks?  No testosterone.

And this is with testosterone...grizzled, course hair, long beard, and dried (and/or wet) urine all over him.  Bleh.  Even the shape of their face is different.  One of the charming things about billy goats is that they like to pee on themselves, especially on their own face.  And Billy so likes to be petted.  Thankfully, he doesn't stay like that all year.  When he's not in rut, he's still coarse and grizzled, but he isn't covered with pee and stink.

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April said...

That's so gross! And lets not forget how much he stinks when he's in rut..blec! What do those girls see in that?!