Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dead Coyote

When I told the nephew about the marauding coyote, he made it his mission to shoot it.  And he didn't waste any time.

At dusk, he loaded up and used his rabbit call to summon the coyotes.  This one showed up before he could even lay the call down on the golf cart seat and get his rifle ready.  

She was a good healthy weight, of course, because she has been dining on chicken for some time now.

Jordan knew he hit her, but wasn't sure if she was dead.  Since it was nearly dark by then, he came in for a bigger flashlight and Tom and I went out with him to search for the coyote.  I was anxious to confirm it was dead because, even though I was frustrated that we had lost all those chickens to the coyote, it still made me sad that Jordan shot it.  I wouldn't have slept well thinking about it possibly suffering out there in the woods all night.

We took Harry and Ginger with us and Harry found it for us right away.  Thankfully, it turns out that she died almost instantly.  There was no blood trail.

There might have been more than one coyote stealing chickens, so I expect that Jordan will be doing some more hunting in the coming evenings.

It is very difficult to tell the difference between a grey fox and a coyote, but I'm pretty sure this is a coyote.


April said...

You're right..it IS hard to tell. It looks the size of a coyot. but the nozzle looks short like a fox. I hope she didn't leave little babies some place.

Did the dogs act interested in eating her?

I know..so morbid..but still interesting..LOL

Mosaics said...

I think it's past time for puppies and she didn't look like she was nursing. I know, I thought the same thing about puppies and the dogs eating her. Oddly enough, Harry wasn't in the least bit interested in her after he inspected her. If it were a hog, deer, chicken, etc. we couldn't have kept him from dragging it off and gnawing on it, but it was still laying there in the morning when Tom went to bury it. I guess canines won't eat other canines unless they are starving.

Meagan Claire said...


Larry Camp said...

Buzzards would clean him out in about 2 days.