Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Coffee With Liam

We had a wedding last weekend (another post about that to follow), so Drew and Meagan came early to help.  Liam made a beeline for Uncle Drew every morning and this particular morning they sat at the dining room table having their coffee and working on their iPads (Meagan lets Liam use hers).

"Um, let's have copy, Uncle Dew."

"Would you like some cream?"

"I'll pour my own, mank you."
  (Liam says "manks" or "mank you" for "thanks" or "thank you")

**glub, glub, glub** "Um, yummy copies."

"OK, back to work."

I know it's a part of growing up, but it makes me sad when Liam learns to pronounce words correctly and discards his cute baby talk.  "Copy" and "manks" will soon be words only in the baby book.

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April said...

YOU can continue to use those words..and be sure to write them down so you can remember them later :O)