Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Work For the Night Is Coming


It's still cold enough to run our wood burning furnace, so we're burning through lots of wood. It's a good thing we have this hard worker to load up the rack.

I apologize that this video is so tiny.   The Blogger site is sometimes not very blogger friendly.   For the past couple of years, it hasn't let me load videos at all.  Then a few weeks ago, it stopped letting me post pictures and I had to switch browsers.  I decided to try videos again.  It's not easy and I had to enlist the help of computer genius Tom.  He got it to work, but Blogger made the video postage stamp size.  You can click the full screen button in the bottom right corner of the video, but then it's all blurry.

 Blogger fail.

Rumor has it that Google bought Blogger and they're trying to force everyone to switch to Google Chrome.


Anonymous said...

I love your little hard worker..start them young :o)

April said...

hmm..it wouldn't let me leave my name on the above comment

Terra said...

good worker! you need to take mine and get them to work too.

Mosaics said...

Terra, if we had yours and Liam, we could just sit back and let them do ALL the work. Do you think they could milk goats?

Maree Clarkson said...

I've also been having no end of trouble with Blogger, won't centre my pics and sometimes won't make them bigger. I keep on getting the 'error' message that it couldn't save the post, etc, etc, etc! If this is a ploy by Google to get us to change to Google Chrome, they've got two thinks coming, I will leave blogger in a flash! Love your goats!

Mosaics said...

Maree, I was having the same problem with the error message about saving the post. I know nothing about computers, so my husband checked it out for me and he's the one that discovered that Blogger was no longer working properly with Internet Explorer, which I have used for years and years. I don't really care which browser I use, so he set up Mozilla for me. Then, just a couple of days ago, he read something about Google buying Blogger and how they want everyone to use Google Chrome. I don't like to be forced into using their chosen browser, but it's not important enough for me to make a fuss over and I will if I need to. Right now, Mozilla is working for me, so I'll stick with it until it doesn't.

Mosaics said...

By the way, followers, click on Maree's name in the above comment and have a look at her artwork. It's wonderful. When I get more time to look at what's available for sale, I'm going to order a piece from her.