Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nespresso Espresso

Tom was inspired by the New York cousins's Nespresso expresso machine and was talking about it when he got home.  Then, surprise! while shopping at Costco, we discovered that they had the Pixie version of it and we bought it.

It comes in this package with the coffee maker, a wonderful frother, and a sample pack of sixteen coffee pods.

It's little, so it doesn't take up much space at our little coffee station.  Like the Keurig coffee maker (which we don't like at all), you just put the little pod in the machine, put water in the canister in the back, then turn it on.  It will make a single or double shot.  The frother will froth up the milk hot or cold and it only takes a little dab.

Yesterday, I made a mocha that wasn't half bad.

But today's caramel machiatto was delicious!  Here it is as just a latte machiatto.

And with the caramel drizzle, becomes a caramel machiatto.


A big thank you to Michael and Elizabeth for turning Tom on to this amazing machine.


Meagan Claire said...

I remember you complaining that you thought having a barista for a daughter would get you fancy lattes - but, it didn't. Well! Your free barista tip is that a caramel macchiato has vanilla syrup in it.

Mosaics said...

Yeah, I was pretty bummed about that.

Will have to get some vanilla syrup, but really, it's just as good without it.

elizabeth said...

We wondered how long it would take for Tom to buy one for y'all! Enjoy! Elizabeth