Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Friday, March 22, 2013

The End of Kidding

All the goats kidded within twelve days of each other.  We have fourteen in all, having lost one of Daisy's triplets.  It was discovered with the sac still over it's head just moments after she gave birth to all three and was almost done cleaning them up.

The surviving two girls, brown like all the others she's ever had.

Buttercup, the Boer had two chunky little females.

No wonder she was so enormous.

Evil Kiko surprised me by having triplets.  They were the smallest of all the kids this year.  True to her nature, she threatens me when I try to handle her kids.  They'll probably turn out being the wildest of the bunch.

Two females - a grey one and a multicolored one

and a brown male that looks almost identical to Pansy's brown ones.

After a few days in the barn for some taming time, they've all been transitioned out into the pasture.  I definitely don't want to add any more does.  Fourteen kids is too many for me to handle.  The only change I might be making is replacing Hyacinth because of her udder problems.

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