Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Liam the Goat Wrangler

Liam is a great help in the morning with the milk goats, Daisy and Hyacinth, and their kids.  They stay in the barn at night so I don't have to bring them in in the morning to milk.  After milking, they all go out to the pasture.  Daisy is still a bit reluctant to come out of the barn and start the walk out to the pasture for the day, mostly due to her fear of Harry, and of course, Harry has to be present.  Sometimes, I have to run back and forth carrying the babies so she'll follow.  It's hard for me to carry the feed bucket and pick up kids and if I set the bucket down, Hyacinth will raid it and tip it over and generally wreak havoc.

  So, Liam carries the feed bucket and walks on ahead; Hyacinth and her kids follow him while I stay behind and urge Daisy past Harry.

  Once she's past Harry, she's fine and everyone moves quickly to the pasture to join the other four does and ten kids.

Afterwards, we walk back to the barn to clean up the stall (or, "snall" as Liam calls it) so that it will be ready for them to come back to in the evening.  He likes to get a rake to scoop goat poop and get the hose to fill up the water bucket.

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