Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Saturday, March 02, 2013


Our first kids of the season were born today.  This is the non-evil, but very skittish Kiko.  I'm very surprised that she had twins.  She stayed so thin that I thought she had miscarried earlier in the season.  I wasn't sure she was pregnant at all until her udder started developing about a month ago.  Even then, I thought she would surely only have one.

Tom and I had brought all of the does from the pasture and  put them in the barn just last night and when we got home today from a day of shopping and relaxation (like the calm before the storm) and I went into the barn to get the feed, I heard the little tiny voices.  When I went to check, she was cleaning up one and trying to go back and forth between the two, but the second was laying there with the sac still covering it's head, so I went and pulled it off so she could breathe.

We should be having lots of births for the next few days since we have six pregnant does this year - two kikos, two boers, and two nubians.

I think this is Harry's favorite time of the year.  He wanted to go in there so bad, but I just let him take a peek

I'm just sad that our little guy isn't going to be here for the kiddings.  I thought for sure all the goats would kid this week while Liam was with us, but unfortunately, he had to leave us today for his judge-ordered week away.  He's into Woody and Buzz right now, "to infimy an beYON!"

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