Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Monday, March 17, 2014

Who Vacuums Their Barn?

I do.  Yep, don't be hatin' on me.

After hours of mindless waiting, sitting on a stool or standing by the wall watching goat's behinds, it finally occurred to me that I could actually be getting something done while I waited.

Those of you who know me, really know me, know that I love to organize.  Give me something to organize and I am a happy camper.  I don't like mundane, ordinary house cleaning, but I like to take a big mess and make it orderly.

So, my mind started thinking, "Which big mess, out of all the big messes in this barn, can I tackle and actually get done before the kids are born?"

I considered the tack room.  Oh, how I'd love a tack room that I can actually walk into and find what I need.  I could actually store...tack, or feed, or other livestock stuff.  But, sadly, that is a project for longer days and requires men to move boxes. 

 So, we have this little shelf right outside the tack room that Tom has been piling things on for five years.  It was covered in dust and debris and spider webs and I didn't know what else because I have always been afraid to touch anything lest I touch a spider.    

So, I dug around in the spider and junk filled tack room for one of the old drawers I saved from the old kitchen and I hung it right above the little shelf; stacked Tom's cans of stuff on that, rearranged stuff, threw stuff away, cleaned the webs and dust off, and voila! Nice and tidy.

I was on a roll, then.

Dust covered spiderwebs abound up in the rafters and they coat the stall walls.

I couldn't take my shop vac into the stalls with the goats in labor, but I vacuumed what I could reach. Just look how clean those poles and rafters are!

Clean stall doors!  Aaahh, that feels good.

Now that some of the goats are out in the pasture with their kids, I can get in there and vacuum the rafters free of their spiders...and hope one doesn't land on my head.

But, before I can do that, I have to wait until Tom finishes his task.

Cleaning a mountain of poopy bedding out of the stall.

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April said...

Looks great! To bad the goats didn't kid while we were there..we could have had the girls muck the stalls :o) I hear they did a pretty good job on the chicken coop