Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Busy Sixteen Hours

As predicted, Evil goat went into labor on Thursday night.  When I went down to the barn at around 9:00, she had triplets.  Sadly, one of them had died.  It was completely encased in the sac, so I'm sure it must have suffocated while she was busy cleaning up the first two.  She had triplets last year and did fine without me.  I think I have finally learned my lesson...even though they do fine with multiple births during one kidding season, that does not mean they will do fine the next time.

As usual, she positions herself between me and the babies.  

Evil was in the stall with Buttercup, who was, herself, in the first stages of labor and aggressively trying to steal the babies for herself.  I had to get Husband to help me move her to another stall.

Having learned my lesson about leaving them to labor alone, I stayed with Buttercup (aka Butterball, Buddha, Big Bertha) until her babies were born.  She had her standard chunky twins.  They're almost identical.  Hers came about 45 minutes apart, so there was no danger of neglecting one.  I helped clear their heads from the sac anyway, just to be safe.

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