Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Go Pro

Tom bought me a GoPro video camera for my birthday in January.

It's a cool little gadget, measuring about 2 1/4 by 1 1/2 inches.  I thought I might like to video some of my experiences around the farm, but so far I've done nothing video-worthy.  Or, if I have, I've forgotten to bring the camera.

People attach them to all kinds of things to video their activities.  I've seen videos from GoPros attached to surf boards, helmets, bikes, animals, all kinds of vehicles, etc.  I opted for a gadget that straps onto the head so that the camera is pointed at whatever I'm looking at.

Tom has used it more and familiarized himself with it more than I have.  Unfortunately, I don't really like to learn to use new gadgets.  I just want them to work and be intuitively useful.  "Point and click" is the way all techno gadgets should be.  That is not the case with the GoPro.  Well, you can just point and click, but your results won't be very good.  

As cool as this gadget is, I must say, it is made for young people who are techno savvy and have good eyesight.  Seriously, I've had to get a magnifying glass to see the settings on the tiny little screen.  But, I shouldn't complain...how big can the screen be on a camera that's only a few square inches?

Most of our videos so far are of either Tom's face or my face, up close and personal, just trying to see if the camera is on.  As one might imagine, once the camera is on your head, supposedly looking at whatever you are looking at, you can't tell if it is on or if it is aimed into outer space or your feet.  There's also the problem of turning it on, putting it on, then forgetting if I turned it on.  So, is it on or is it off?  Is it recording or is it not recording.  **sigh**

Fortunately for us...there's an APP for that!

You download the app onto your smartphone and then you can operate the camera with your phone and also see on your phone's screen what the camera is looking at.  Very cool.

So, here is my first official video using the camera and the app together.
I still have to learn how to edit it and other things, but consider this a test.

My moonspotted doe wouldn't let her kids nurse, so I had to go in several times a day to hold her still for them.

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Jordan Camp said...

Job well done. You signed off with "Lots of poop."