Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Monday, March 21, 2011


Finally, I feel like I can breathe again, like I've been swimming up, up, up from deep under water and my face finally broke the surface.

The apartment is on the verge of being completed.  Tom and I have done just about all that we can do on it.  The tile guy is working on the shower now and the granite guys have the granite and are working on it.  Hopefully, it will be installed some time this week.  Anything left to do is small and cosmetic and I can work on it at my leisure.

I've planted everything in the garden that needs to be planted to date and have my plan all worked out on where everything else needs to be planted and on what days according to the almanac.  I've got the greenhouse in order and my flower seeds have begun to sprout.

We're back to routine and I like routine.  Tom is working on chipping the tree branches that we had trimmed this winter so that we can mulch the garden.

I started milking Daisy goat this morning.  She has been a stinker about getting on the milking stand, so I've been working with her this past week.  I thought she was going to kick and thrash and make my life miserable when I started milking, but she didn't.  What a huge relief.  I only got half a quart for two reasons (1) I didn't separate her from her kid for the night like I usually do when I start milking, and (2) she started getting antsy before I got the second side emptied and I didn't want to push my luck.  I probably could have gotten a whole quart if I had persisted and who knows how much if her kid hadn't been nursing through the night.

I can't start milking Hyacinth yet because her udder is still hard.  I'd probably only get a few ounces out of her and it's just not worth the hassle until her udder softens up.

I have a request of my friends and neighbors who read this blog...if you buy any bedding plants from your local nurseries, please save your trays and plastic pots for me.  I have many more flower seeds to get started, but not enough pots.  I would appreciate it so much!

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