Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Plumbing White Knight

So, the plumber finally came back today to address our issues.  He was looking under the sink, hemming and hawing, and he and Tom were discussing which was the better way to rip into the wall to move the drain pipes and the plumber was saying he didn't know where to cut the holes because he wasn't the one who put the pipes in and he didn't know which way they ran.

I stuck  my nose in (because I was mad) and said, "Why isn't the original plumber here doing this?"  The plumber said he didn't know and his assistant, who I think might have taken some sort of communication course in which he learned to repeat back to you what you just said..you know, so you feel like you've been heard and understood, said, "So, you'd feel more comfortable if the original plumber were here doing this?"  And I said, "Yes, I would feel more comfortable if the original plumber were here doing this."

They went out to their van and made a phone call, then came back and said, "Larry (the original plumber) will be out here in a little while."

When Larry arrived and took a look, he said, "I don't know what they were talking about, this will work just fine!"

Larry and his assistant hooked everything up, determined the cause of the leaking valves and fixed them, and we all lived happily ever after.

This is the drain pipe that caused me much distress...all for nothing.  And that cutout is Tom's handiwork.  Is it any wonder that I didn't want him cutting into the wall?  I know things like this that won't be seen don't really matter, but it is my nature, as much as I fight it, to want things to be perfect.  It's a wonder that I don't have ulcers, because this world is anything but perfect.

Here is the vanity, completed.  The faucet handle that the other plumber said was manufactured wrong and leaked and he couldn't fix it, was fixed by Tom.  I guess the new faucet in route to us might come in handy some day for parts.

Here is the toilet that arrived late, but is now installed and working.  The shower is scheduled to be tiled at the end of next week.  Let's keep our fingers crossed because I'm having a mini-family reunion in two weeks and I think my guests will appreciate being able to take a shower.

The green room has two sets of bunk beds.  We're picking up the last mattress tomorrow, so my guests will at least will have a place to sleep.  It was Tom's idea to arrange the beds this way.  The way I planned just wasn't working and this is much, much better.  It allows for plenty of floor space in the middle.  One has to watch one's head while climbing up the ladder, though.  The fan is dangerously close.  I was going to paint the beds black, but I'm running out of steam.  They look OK the way they are.

The blue room has a queen bed.  There won't be any rugs for a while, so everyone bring socks or house shoes because those concrete floors are cold.

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Terra said...

i'm SO glad that things are falling in to their proper place and that the original plumber showed up!