Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Sunday, September 05, 2010

What a Difference...

...a few months makes.

I took this picture in June right after I finished the walkway and planted the cannas, ruellias, and trailing lantana.

This is what it looks like now.  Ten little cannas have multiplied tenfold, and the ruellia clumps have about doubled in size and bloomed profusely.  The lantana has spread out, but there were very few blooms on them.  Up until the past past week or so, the chickens stayed out of my flower beds, but now for some reason, they've taken an interest in them and I can't keep them out of the beds.  Every day, they go in there and scratch around, tossing the mulch out all over the walkway and into the grass, breaking stems off the plants and generally making a mess.  It is very frustrating.


April said...

That is BEAUTIFUL!! The chickens didn't go there before because there weren't any bugs..now there is lots of stuff for the bugs to eat so the chickens want all those little buggers. LOL

Mosaics said...

I really want to fence off the back yard. Then, when I landscape the front, I'll want to fence it, too. Heh. It's the city girl in me that wants to keep critters out of the "yard".

April said...

Yeah, I wouldn't want chicken wandering around in my 'yard' either..next thing ya know..they are wandering around the house..lol