Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting Political

My husband and I are very politically active, but I don't write much about it on my blog because I like to keep the blog pretty much about homesteading and our experiences as new farmers.

I want to deviate from that just for just a moment to ask a political question of my followers or anyone else that happens to read this post and feels inclined to comment.  I've noticed that several followers are from different countries.  I must admit that I am puzzled that anyone from another country would want to read about homesteading in America, in particular my homesteading in America.  I'm happy that y'all do, but puzzled, nonetheless.

Anyway, to my question, which is this:

When thinking of the United States of America, do you perceive us as a "Christian nation" or do you perceive us as a "secular nation"?

I'd love answers from anyone, Americans included, but if you answer, please let me know what country you are from.



Rebecca said...

I am an American, but I have lived all over the world most of my life (military brat). IMO, America is a secular nation. If you look at our Constitution, no where does it say specifically there will be a seperation of church and state or that citizens have a freedom of religion. The 1st Amendment states instead that our congress "shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." The American government allows the free expression of both any religion and any non-religion.

However, the times that I was overseas, I have heard most people refer to America as a Christian nation due to our history books stating America was founded solely by Christians seeking religious freedom but that is not entirely true. America was founded by Free masons and other religions even though they did respect the rights of all religions.

Sylviana Mirahayu .I said...

Hi, I'm Indonesian, I haven't go anywhere around America yet, but i think that America is a secular nation.
Based on the information i've seen and read about America, looks like the freedom of religion going pretty well there (especially for this recent time)and so do the non-religion.

PumpkinPie said...

Born & bred Canadian here.
I think of America as predominately Christian, just as I would view Canada. Both are becoming more secular (at least to my understanding of the word), and I don't see any great shift away from, during my lifetime, of the most widely practiced religion being Christianity.

We'll win them all over eventually ; )