Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Gardening 2014

I feel like I've planted everything late this year, but things are looking good.

I have high hopes for my boutique pumpkins this year.  If they make enough, I'm going to try selling them at our local farmer's market.  I reserved about half the garden space for the pumpkin plants to spread and only planted two of each variety.  Although, I just now remember that I forgot to plant my Jack-O-Lantern sugar pumpkins.  Uh-oh.

Look at the hay in the background.  It's growing like crazy and it's time to bale, although we don't usually bale that pasture.

To make room for the extra pumpkins, I'm trying a little vertical gardening with the butternut.  I'm using the trellises that Nephew built last year for the beans.  I had way to many beans last year and they went to waste, especially because I didn't like the string variety.  This year, I found a stringless vine and planted half the amount.

I have to check the vines each day to redirect them onto the trellis because they tend to want to snake along the ground.  They're already putting on squash, though.

The watermelon from last year reseeded itself, so I just let it grow and didn't plant any.  I did stick a cantaloup in there, though. 

The strawberries are filling up the boat.  The ones I planted in the front were from a different source than the ones in the back and they didn't grow at all.  But, the rest of them have had three waves of production and with each one, they are producing more and more and sending out more vines.  At the rate they're growing, I won't be surprised if the whole boat is filled up by the end of summer.  I love this idea of growing in a boat.  It's so easy to keep it weeded.  Now, every time I see a derelict boat somewhere, I want to bring it home with me.

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