Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Broody Guinea

The guineas are laying their eggs in all kinds of random places.  Sometimes I'll come upon one single egg just laying out in the field, but usually they have a nest with at least 20 eggs in it.  Up until a few weeks ago, we were raiding the nests when we found them.  They had a stash in their coop, but when I removed some of them (for reasons that made sense, but didn't work out), they abandoned that location and the same six eggs have been sitting there ever since.

We found one nest in the tall grass of an unmown alley between pastures and decided to leave it undisturbed to see what would happen.  Eventually, one of the hens stopped coming to the coop to eat in the evening, so I figured she had probably decided to sit on the collection of eggs.

I went to check the nest and, sure enough, she was snuggled all down on the eggs.  She's in the picture, but you might have to double click on it to see her.  She sits still as death.  For several days, one of the males would sit on the fence for most of the day screaming at anyone or anything that ventured near.  But, I guess he got tired of that and he no longer hangs around.

Here she is from a different angle.  Really, if you didn't know where to look, it's likely you'd never know she was there.  Thankfully, the dogs haven't been interested enough to have a look.  

I've been wondering what she'll do if she successfully hatches any; how she'll get the little keets out of there, or if she'll even try.  I've heard that guinea hens are careless mothers.  I'll have to gather them up and get rid of them because I do not want any more guineas.  I guess I'll sell them or give them away, so if any of y'all want some, let me know.

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Beth Hudson said...

She is well hidden.

If they hatch, we might be interested. We don't know anything about them though.