Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Thursday, July 18, 2013


I broke this window today.  Either the mower or the weedeater threw something up and hit it.  I didn't know it until I came back through with the blower.

It is completely shattered from top to bottom and I'm walking around on tip-toe hoping it doesn't fall out.  It's making little popping noises continually.

Waiting for the glass men to come measure it and possibly put some duct tape on it if they think they can touch it without having it fall apart.

Double click on the picture.  It's kind of pretty.


Meagan Claire said...

You're just a menace with the mower.

Meagan Claire said...

I wonder if this will be the straw that makes Dad replace them with double panes? Maybe just start with the one?

Mosaics said...

I know. Seems like I'm always doing something crazy with the mower. But no, we won't be getting double paned. We can't spend the money on anything more than just to replace it with what's there.

Teresa Schoellkopf said...

Tragedy and danger summed up with, " it's kind of pretty. " You crack me up, Girlie!