Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dog vs. 'Dillo

We had a little excitement on our back porch a couple of nights ago.  Usually, Harry and Ginger aren't allowed in the back yard, but Harry jumps the fence when he thinks the occasion calls for a little disobedience (Ginger can't jump it yet).  We heard Ginger barking out by our bathroom window on the outside of the fence, so I looked out the back and saw two armadillos digging in the yard.  Harry jumped into the yard and went after them.  I heard his teeth knock against one of the 'dillo's back, so he tried to attack it, but couldn't get ahold of it.

He chased them up onto the porch.

Unsuccessfully trying to bite one of them.

There was a standoff.

One of them scooched up under the grill.  

Harry got bored and wandered away, I shooed him out of the yard so that when the armadillos decided to come out of hiding, they wouldn't all go tearing through my flower beds.  I'd rather have a few armadillo-dug holes scattered around than having the tank that is Harry plowing through the flowers.

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April said...

Their eyesite is really bad but if you get downwind of them and can get ahold of their tails..you can pick them up..but you gotta be careful and quick..their claws are sharp and they carry leprosy..so you really gotta know what you're doing