Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A New Look for Our Farm Entry

We intended to do this last fall, but decided to wait until the heat of the summer to do it so Jordan and Tom could sweat in the sun.

This is the before picture.  These old brick pillars are falling apart.  They look like they've been repaired before, rather sloppily, so they're kind of on shaky ground.  It's past time to tear them out, but I didn't think Tom would go for spending the time and money (which will be nominal since we're doing it ourselves and reusing the brick) to do a project that's pretty much just cosmetics.  But, when he ran into one with the tractor last year and kind of crunched the side in, he suggested that it's time to rebuild.

Also, over the years, the dirt has shifted and piled up, covering the lower brick retaining wall and the foundation, which we didn't even know was there until the digging commenced.

Tom got this pillar knocked down and cleared away yesterday morning.

Jordan finished up the other two working yesterday afternoon and into the evening.  There are three on each side.  Now we're embroiled in an engineering/building debate as to the best way to rebuild the design I've come up with, which involves a change in the shape of the brick pillars and big slabs of cedar wood from some trees cut down by Jordan and milled by our friend with the saw mill.

Oh, and it's about 100 degrees.  

Can we do it?!  Yes, we can!

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