Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Friday, September 07, 2012

What Has Tom Been Up To?

Y'all might think I do all the work around here. heh.  Nah, Tom works like a mule, it's just that I'm not out there with the camera when he's working and I forget to write about it. 

His big project for the last month (in the blistering heat) has been digging trenches for water, gas, and electric lines.  Up until now, the water in the barn apartment has been supplied with the same water lines as supplies the water to each paddock.  This is problematic in the winter because when the weather is freezing, the paddock waters must be turned off.  That means no water to the apartment.  Tom wanted to run a dedicated line from the well house to the barn.

So begins the trenching.

Dug with this trencher borrowed from a friend and a lot of help from Nephew.

And, thank goodness he didn't have to dig this by hand.  It was 600 feet from the well to the barn.  (This is the trench already filled in after the water line was run.)


April said...

How deep was the trench? I remember we always had problems with the water line at the house on the hill because the trench was under the drive and it would have to be fixed periodically. That Tom..he sure does work like a dog..he's got enough energy for all of us Camps put together.lol

Mosaics said...

Yeah, if it was up to our side of the family, we'd still be living in caves. heh. I don't know how deep the trench is, but you know Tom, he either already knew or thoroughly researched the depth. There's one depth for the water, one for the gas, and another for the electric.

Terra said...

One time, I got in major trouble (I told a big fat lie).... So my mom made me dig a trench (by hand) from the house to the barn to run some water lines.
I did. Then she told me it wasn't deep enough. So, I had o dig some more.
(it was over 60 yards)
Needless to say, I learned my lesson.

Meagan Claire said...

Oh, Terra. I'm glad I'm not a teenager anymore, lest you supply my mom with plenty of ideas for punishing my lying ways. In hindsight, I'm glad to be amused with your story.

Mosaics said...

Thankfullu, we do not have to rely on lying teenage labor to get things done around here.

April said...

Ha! My mom used lots of good ideas for punishments that also got chores done around the house. One time, I got into trouble and had to paint the metal fence infront of the property at the house on the hill. I had to put some type of primer on the fence first, then the paint. And it was white paint onto of rusty colored fence..blazing hot sun and I don't remember how far the fence went. AWFUL! And lets not forget the garden duties! I've always wondered why when Michelle got into trouble she didn't have to weed the garden like Justin and I did :P