Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Replacing the screen on our screen doors has been something I've wanted to do since we moved to the farm.  They were full of probably thirty years worth of dirt, rust, and holes.  There were complaints of West Nile Mosquitos coming through the holes now that the weather has turned cooler and we're leaving the doors open and the A/C off.

Jordan offered to replace the screens and Tom happened to have a roll of brand new screen in his stash.  So Jordan got right on it and replaced all four in one afternoon. 

Wow, what a difference - no holes, no dirt, a clear view, and no more West Nile Mosquitos.  I was so inspired that I went on a cleaning spree and cleaned all the windows and doors across the back porch. 

So, the problem became "how to protect the screens from being pushed out and hole-poked" by big hands, little hands, and other body parts opening and closing the doors.  I ran to Lowes thinking they would have a myriad of choices, or at least a couple, of screen guards.

Nope.  They had one ugly style that I just couldn't bring myself to purchase.  So, I searched the internet...nada.  What happened to those decorative screen guards that used to be on all those screen doors that I remember from my childhood?

I did the next best thing...repurposed.

I went to Hobby Lobby and found decorative ironwork that's meant to be hung on the wall.

And I had Jordan screw them onto the door.  Voila!  Protects the screen, looks great.  At least, I think so.


April said...

hey, that looks cute! Maybe I'll do this if I don't like the ones I find at Home Depot

Mosaics said...

I looked online at Home Depot and they had the same thing Lowes did.