Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Deer Harry

Harry showed up with this baby deer a couple of mornings ago.  We don't know if he caught it himself, stole it from a coyote, or found it dead, but to get it into the yard he had to jump at least one and possibly two fences with the deer in his mouth.  He was panting heavily, so however it was obtained took quite a bit of effort.

I felt sorry for the little thing and am glad it was dead when I saw it, otherwise I would have had to save it from Harry which could have been a bit dangerous.

Harry's the kind of dog that you don't try to take food from (except he will let Tom do it) unless you want to lose your hand.  He spent the next three days alternately hiding, burying, and consuming the little critter, all the while guarding it or it's hiding place from the chickens (as if they wanted to eat his dead deer).  As of yesterday, all that was left was the head.  I guess it's completely gone now because Harry hasn't been guarding any particular spot since yesterday afternoon.

On a lighter note...

look what I found in the garden!  I was pulling the canary melon vines (which won't stop producing those canary melons that nobody seems to want to eat) out of the raised bed and I came upon this watermelon.  I found it just in time because it's on the verge of being over ripe.  It's nice and sweet and hadn't gone mushy yet.  What a nice surprise.

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Meagan Claire said...

Ugh. Harry has no consideration for others.