Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Funeral Procession

Tom was trying to find someone by phone to come over and bury the goat, but when I saw buzzards circling our property, I knew it was time to take matters into my own hands.  Meagan came along just in time and went with me down the drive to the goat pasture.  I rigged up some ropes around the goat's head and horns and Meagan and I, with all our might, managed to drag her through the pasture and out the gate.

I wish I'd had a free hand to take a picture of the other goat's expressions, which said something like, "That is just so wrong!"

Then I tied her to the back of my riding mower. 

And started off down the driveway.

Along the path to the barn, with a glance back to make sure she hadn't snagged on something and come loose.

Past the chicken coop that they share with the snakes.

And into the woods.  I had to drag her into the woods by myself (no mean feat) because Meagan was bringing up the rear of the procession in the golf cart, taking pictures, tending gates and keeping Harry out.

And because the mower got stuck in the sand and there it remains.

Text conversation with Absent Husband:

Me:  The buzzards were circling, so I drug her down to the woods with the mower, which is now stuck in the sand.

Me again:  Taking a shower now after dragging dead body.

Absent Husband:  I'm sorry, but I am laughing.

Me:  That's OK, yuck it up now because when u get home, u get to bury Beetlejuice and it will be my turn to laugh.


Meagan said...

You named her Beetlejuice? Shane said not to worry because the hogs will eat her in the night.

April said...

hogs, buzzards or coyotes. And as I said before, really..this is something I could have gone a lifetime without see..LOL

Mosaics said...

No, I didn't name her. Heh. I called her Beetlejuice because of what her body is going to be like by the time Tom gets around to getting her buried.

I don't think hogs or coyotes can or do get in that pasture.