Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Cresting the Hill

More on Tom's birthday.  With 50 people in attendance, I decided not to cook everything and had it catered by a BBQ place.  All I made was desserts.

Rather than making a birthday cake, I opted for a cupcake tree.  I was so happy to find this pretty stand at Costco a couple of weeks before.  I made chocolate, coffee/pecan, and vanilla cupcakes with white buttercream icing.  Meagan decorated the cupcakes for me.

The birthday boy with his handy bifocal safety glasses and friend, Ken, that he hadn't seen in years.

Tom and some family.

More family.

Nieces from California, wishing they lived in Texas.  :-)

Local pals, hanging out in a patch of shade.

The weather was reasonably cool until the day of the party then it was just about the hottest day of the year so far, but at least the wind was blowing at nearly gale force to blow our sweat away and create the illusion of a little coolness.

Candles on the cupcakes were pretty much a bust since they blew out the minute I started walking out the door with them.

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