Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Ever since Edward came to live with us, Alice and Jasper have decided that they hate each other.  I don't mean a mild dislike, either.  Alice has driven Jasper out of the barn.  Everytime Jasper tried to come in, or was put in, Alice would growl and they would both hiss and spit and Alice would chase Jasper up into the attic or into a corner and then stand guard to see that she stayed there.  Otherwise, there would be a hairflying, rolling on the floor catfight.

Jasper has finally moved out for good.  For a while she lived with the outside goats and slept in their shed, but she has now decided to live on the back porch.  I don't really want her living on the back porch.  Her job is in the barn.  But I finally felt sorry for her and put her food out there.  I was wondering why the flock of blue birds weren't  hanging out at the birdbaths anymore.  I guess I have my answer.  It is very frustrating because I really enjoyed watching the birds.  Also, Pearlie is now obsessed with going outside and bugs me all day, acting like she needs to potty, but I know she only wants to go out and mess with Jasper.

Who knew that two sister cats who grew up together would all of the sudden hate each other with a passion.  It probably has something to do with Edward, but I haven't figured it out.  Jasper hates Edward and Alice merely tolerates him.

Any cat people out there have any ideas?

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