Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cottage Curtains

In the midst of all the goat drama, I've been working on curtains for the bedrooms in the apartment.  Tom and Meagan have been very insistent that our guests want some sort of window covering, but I just hadn't gotten around to it.  So, with Tom threatening to go buy some mini-blinds, I decided to use that vintage tablecloth (that I was going to make a bedspread out of) as a curtain.  It wasn't big enough to do both or small enough to do just one, so I cut it in half and added a white panel to the top of each and made a curtain for both rooms.  I'd like to add some sort of decorative trim to the seam in the middle of the curtain, but I had to get these made and hung fast because we're having guests again starting Sunday.  Maybe I'll get around to adding the trim some time down the road.

They're pretty much a flat panel with hardly any fullness at all.  I lined them, put button holes along the top, and hung them on hooks that I screwed in to the window facing.

And they can be pulled back, like so, and hooked on the drapery tie-back hook thing (can't remember what those things are called).

**Rain and thunder threatening today, but so far,  nothing more than a smattering of sprinkles and it's blowing on by.**


April said...

Yes, I agree..curtains are nice there. I was always alittle worried you could see me or the girls getting dressed in the bunk room. Also, it would be nice to have something like that for the sliding doors. I must say, when you're staying there and walking back and forth its alittle disconcerting to be in your PJ's and notice someone in the barn..and just maybe you didn't want them to see you in your PJ's. and the barn lights are pretty bright shining into the room. just sayin :o)

Mosaics said...

What is it with people wanting privacy? Privacy this, privacy that. Nobody's peeking in the windows out here. Just turn the lights out and get dressed in the dark.


April said...

Hey, I don't care if anyone sees me, however, it may scar others for life..LOL