Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Monday, January 24, 2011

Harry v. Wylie Coyote

While fixing my breakfast this morning, I happened to glance out the kitchen window just in time to see a small coyote (about the size of a border collie, but scrawnier) lope from the direction of the road into the circle that our driveway makes right out in front of the house.  It appeared that he came right up the driveway.  At first I thought it was some ugly little dog, but I couldn't identify the breed and it suddenly dawned on me, "that's a coyote!"

Harry happened to be in the front yard and saw the coyote right about the same time I did.  He jumped up and gave chase and the little coyote turned and high-tailed it as fast as he could go.  Harry chased him all the way down the driveway, across the road (thank goodness a car wasn't coming right at that moment), and into the hay field across the road.  Harry came back empty handed, so I guess it got away. 

Brazen little thing to march right up to our yard at 8:00 on a bright clear morning.  He was probably on a  reconnaissance mission for his pack.  I hope his report back was, "humongous, scary, mean dog there, too risky to try to hunt on that land." rather than "only one dopey dog watching the place, lots of chickens and goats for dinner, I'll lead him away, while y'all go catch a chicken."

Wish I had had time to get my camera and get that on film.


April said...

I don't think you give Harry enough credit. Meagan told me about her seeing 2 unknown dogs coming towards her and Harry running to her rescue (turned out to be neighbor dogs) but he did exactly what he's suppose to do. I think he's great and wouldn't trade him for the world! Maybe its just because you've never seen him really aggressive..I bet he'd be great under pressure!

Mosaics said...

Oh, I know Harry is a good dog and does his job well. I just like to tease because he really is dopey. I watch him through the window chasing a big white tail and attacking those big feet with dangley bozo toes that follow him around. lol He's hilarious.

Rebecca said...

I left you an award on my blog!


Mosaics said...

Cool. Thanks, Rebecca.