Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's This?

We have this plant that looks exactly like a corn plant.  Tom saw it while he was mowing the garden pasture earlier this summer.  He thought it was a volunteer corn plant, so he left it standing to see if it was going to produce any corn.  It's way across the field from the garden.

From a few feet away, it looked like there were a couple of ears of corn on it.

But no, it's not corn...or, not any kind of corn that I've ever seen.  I guess it's some kind of weed that we don't want taking over the pasture.  It's bursting with some kind of seed head, so I cut the stalks down to prevent the seeds from maturing and reseeding. 


~Tonia said...

Looks like Milo or Millet. Both are common in bird feeds and chicken feeds that are whole. They will come up voluntarily.

April said...

I've seen this grown in fields on the way to San Antonio..lots and lots of it. I thought maybe it would be alfalfa..but maybe not?

April said...

Hey..I just looked it up!! It's Millet and is used as chicken or bird feed..just like Tonia said. I would try to harvest it and use with your chickens!

wilson said...

Definately Milo.

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phanerozoic said...

just saw exact same thing in my garden in New Jersey (alien invader!). Seems to be a variety of sorghum.