Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Monday, August 02, 2010

Wedding Pics

We went to my niece's wedding in Tennessee this past weekend.  She had a vintage theme and invited her guests to dress accordingly.  Some of them did and it was fun to see what they came up with.  The wedding was in a quaint little old church building and the reception in an old refurbished, very lovely, hotel. 

Here are a few pics.

There were seven bridesmaids, but I seem to have cut one of them out.  I never said I was a good photographer.  The two to the far right are the bride's sisters.  We also see the back of the bride's mother's (Tina) head and the heads of the bride's father's (Keith) parents.

The bride escorted by her father, Keith.

Jordan, brother of the bride, walking out.  To the left, uncle Tab watches, and uncle Tom eats the popcorn intended for throwing at the bride and groom in lieu of rice.

Apparently, the sister of the groom has some of Tom's family's blood in her as evidenced by her method of popcorn eating, which is "grab and cram".

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