Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Friday, August 13, 2010


We have these berries vines growing in our yard, two different kinds, that I'm trying to identify.  Can anyone help me?

We have these shrubby vines that sprout up everywhere.  I mow them down, but some of them have come up in places where I can't get to with the mower, so they have gotten quite large. (click on pic if you need to see a bigger image)

This is what the blossom looks like.

This is the mature fruit - small clusters with maybe four or five berries per cluster (just one on each of these, though because they've ripened and fell off or birds have gotten them).  Of course, I tasted it even though Tom said he wasn't going to help me if I fell down gasping.  It is very sweet.

This picture below is a different vine with fruit.

This vine is so entertwined with the muscadines and so far up in the trees, that I can't tell which is which, so I can't get a separate picture of the leaves.  Honestly, it looks like it's growing on the same vine as the muscadines did and at first I thought it was a second generation of muscadines.  But now that the fruit has matured, I've decided that it's a different vine altogether...or they are really stunted muscadines.  They are tiny deep purple berries about the size of peas on a large cluster.  I haven't tasted these because I can't reach them.

My first thought was the first bush was elderberry, but none of the leaves I found with a google search looked like my leaves.  The last picture looks very much like the elderberry cluster, but because I can't see the leaves, I can't tell on that one either.

Anybody have any ideas?

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April said...

I think the large grape looking berry is maybe a Huckleberry?

And the smaller cluster is either Serviceberry/Juneberry or Elderberry. I looked up both of those and they do bloom in August and the pictures and description is the same as yours.