Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Boutique Pumpkins

My heirloom sugar pumpkins did so well this past season that I was able to give many away to friends and family.  I also gave about a dozen to our favorite local cafe.  So, I've decided the new thing for the garden this year is going to be boutique pumpkins.  These are pumpkins that are different shapes and colors than the regular round orange ones.  They can be used for fall decoration as well as cooking and eating.

I ordered several different kinds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and they arrived in the mail today.  I love ordering things on-line.  Ordering gardening and farming stuff reminds me of a song we learned in high school chorus, The Wells Fargo Wagon

I tried to choose pumpkins that would look good together if they are used for decoration.

"Galeux d'Eysines"
pronounced "Gal-OH deh-ZINE"
Salmon peach colored skin, covered with warts.

"Flat White Boer"
This is a pure white pumpkin, but shows yellow in my lighting.

"Winter Squash Iran"
Foam green, mottled in soft peachy-orange.
Is it a bad sign that they don't actually have a picture of the pumpkin and someone had to draw it for the package?

"Marina di Chioggia"
Pronounced "ma-REE-na dee kee-OH-ja"
Deep blue green and warty.

Slate blue-grey.

And the seed company threw this in as a freebie.  The package says it's a summer squash to be harvested all summer long.  So, I guess I'll give it a try, too.

I'm hoping to have enough to sell at our local farmer's market that is open on Saturdays.

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