Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Guinea Progress

Well, things are progressing well with the guineas.  They've learned from whence comes their food, just as all the other animals on the farm have.  For a while there, I feared that all the coop conditioning was for nought.

They're leaving the safety of the paddock now and roaming all over the place.  It's been a good test for the dogs.  They were practically on top of Harry in the yard yesterday and he didn't move an inch.  Ginger watched out of the corner of her eye.  They were on the roof of the house as we left for church this afternoon.

I wanted to film how they now come running and honking to me when they see me and will follow me to their coop.  I can't very well film myself, so I had to ask for help.  I wanted a video and this is what I got.

Waiting for the photographer to find the right buttons on the camera.  Guineas are impatient and confused.  "Why did she stop?"

On our way to the coop.

Well, I don't like my picture taken anyway, so I guess it's OK that my head and shoulders are cut off.

All this waiting around and another person (photographer) over there is super confusing for the little guinea brain.

And, photographer finally found the right buttons.

So...guess who the photographer is.  I'll give a hint.  It is not Liam.

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April said...

LOL..it can ONLY be Tom..or maybe Harry since he has that big dew claw thingie going on..LOL