Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

End of Season Gardening

Bleh.  I've neglected my garden this past month or so even as it has continued to produce.  The impending freeze prompted me to go out there and gather what I could before last night.

Loads of green tomatoes, bell peppers, and jalapeños.  If I can find some will-power, I'll make green salsa out of those.

Butternut and cucumbers were still hanging on the vine.  I don't know if the dukes will be any good after hanging there for over a month.

Several enormous zucchini.  I thought I'd see how big they'd get.  This one might be about twenty inches.

Loads of stringy green beans were revealed when the freeze killed the vine last night.  I'll probably have a bunch of unwanted volunteers next spring.

This is the only loss hard to take.  The pumpkin vines recovered somewhat from the squash bug damage, and started putting on late season pumpkins like crazy.  There are about 20 pumpkins in varying stages of ripening.  They are bigger than any others produced this year, but I guess they don't have a chance now because the freeze killed the vines off.  It's probably futile, but I'll leave them out there for a while to see if there is any life left in them.  

The asparagus got huge this year.  Looks like over six feet tall.  I scrounged around in there and picked a bunch a couple of weeks ago, but I think it's done putting up shoots for the year.

I've got a lot of clean-up and winterizing to do out there.

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