Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dumber Than a Chicken?

I didn't think it was possible for any animal to be dumber than a chicken, but I seriously think guineas are.  The first guinea outing was successful because they didn't go more than a few feet from the coop and I only had them out an hour or so.

The second day was a different story.  I let them out in the late afternoon hoping that they'd go back in the coop around sunset like the chickens do.  I had watched them for a while, so I knew they were meandering along the fence line in the garden paddock where the coop is and they didn't seem particularly interested in flying over the fence even though they easily could.  So far, it seems that they only fly when they are startled.  I figured they were safe - Ginger had her shock collar on and she can't jump the fence into that pasture and she she's still only looking at them out of the corner of her eye - so I left them to their own devices for the afternoon.

When I went back at sunset to close them up in the coop, not a one was in sight.  The grass is tall, so unless they are standing with their necks stretched up, I 'm not able to see them.  I listened for their chatter (they seemed to constantly chatter), but didn't hear a thing.  So, I went in search of them, following the fence line.  I finally came upon them at the farthest end of the paddock, seemingly bedded down for the night in the tall grass.

Well, it surely isn't safe for them to stay there where any predator can get them.

So, I herded them gently back across the paddock toward the coop.

I discovered if I move slowly and calmly along behind them, they will stay in a tight little group in front of me.

When we got to the coop, instead of going through their little door, than ran round and round, flapping at the sides trying to find a way in.

I herded them around the coop about a dozen times.  Each time, the herd ran right past the door and one would happen to look at the opening and go through it like, "Hey, what's this?"

I became exasperated and finally opened the big door and herded the last two through it.  They couldn't miss it because the door itself blocked their route around the coop.

I sure hope I don't have to do this every day.

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