Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Monday, August 05, 2013

Unimpressive Aquaponics

I was expecting great things, but the aquaponics has been a bit disappointing.  The only veggie that survived from Tom's original planting was the cabbage.

They're growing ever so slowly.  But, I planted several cabbage seeds (in the ground) at the beginning of the season and only one survived.  It has yet to make a head.  So, I've learned by now that gardening is sort of hit or miss sometimes.

Because I read that cilantro and carrots were veggies that can be planted in July, I went ahead and tossed a few seeds in the side abandoned by the other seeds.  It's hard to see the tiny seedlings, but there are several carrots coming up and, so far, one cilantro.  I use a lot of cilantro, so I wish I could grow it continually.

I planted the same seeds in my regular garden on the same day and none of them have come up.  I guess we could call the aquaponics a success when it comes to germination.

On another note, I'm so excited about this...

We hired a brick mason to rebuild the entryway columns that Tom and Jordan tore down.

He's doing a great job.  One down, five to go.

It's 102 degrees out there today.  I don't envy the brick layer's job.


Meagan Claire said...

I can't believe you HIRED someone. Nice! I thought for sure Jordan was a secret brick mason.

Mosaics said...

We were going to have Jordan do it, but since he's leaving in a few weeks, I was worried that it wasn't going to get done in time. So, we took the brick load off of Jordan's back and he's free to do the wood work part of it. I'm more excited about that than the brick. The whole thing won't be done for a while because the mason was scheduled to start another job on Wednesday and only had time to do this one side. Hopefully, he'll come back and do the other side in three weeks. At least we'll have one side completely done before then.