Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Friday, September 30, 2011

Wedding Nightmare Number Two

I know that listening to someone else's dream can be a bore, but I've had two nightmares about the upcoming wedding that I thought were somewhat remarkable because of the way that my mind resolved them in the end to make everything allright.

My first dream was a couple of weeks ago. In it we had gone all the way through the wedding and reception when I realized that I had forgotten something major. I don't remember now what it was, but I was aghast, "I forgot the (whatever)! Oh no, what a disaster!". Then I realized, "oh, this was just a trial run, so it's ok."

Second dream was a couple of nights ago. We were all dressed, Meagan in her wedding dress, me in a dress that was like a tube top that I couldn't pull down long enough to cover my hiney no matter how hard I tried, heading out the door on our way to the chapel. I suddenly gasped, "I forgot to bake the wedding cake! Oh no, what are we going to do!?". Then I remembered, "oh yeah, this is just a trial run, so it's ok."

What's with all the trial run weddings?


April said...

I think its just what you said, part of your mind is freaking out because you have so much to do in so little time, the other part of your mind is trying to calm itself so that you can get everything done without having a stroke..lol

The part about your dress has to do with your self-esteem with this particular event..you may not feel qualified to do what you're responsible for doing..that you're afraid you'll mess it up. So, basically these are just anixiety dreams (but you already knew that)

If these type of dreams continue
then you might want to sit down when you have about 30 mins. and write down all you have to do and who is helping you and put it on paper that you will be able to "see" that you can do everything you have to do...when you can see that you have it planned out and things are under control then it should ease your dreams.

Mosaics said...

Oh yeah, I am all about lists. I had already made one trying to sort out what I needed to do and it helped me tremendously to see everything written out.

I made another one today dividing things into "stations". What we need for the pavillion; what we need for the chapel; what we need for the guest book table, etc.

Very calming. Then I look at Meagan's list and get all freaked out.

April said...

LOL..let Meagan handle her own list..unless its a list she'll hand over to you. :o)

Meagan said...

There was nothing unreasonable about my list.

Barbara C. said...

Michele you are too funny!
I have great faith in you that everything will be perfect!
And if its not who will know except for you.

April said...

LOL, Meagan..nobody said your list was unreasonable..she just said she freaked out when she saw it. :o)