Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Friday, February 04, 2011

Texas...What's UP?

This weather is not Texas weather.  This is not why people live in Texas.  Big snow two years in a row?  Extended stretches of below freezing weather?  Icicles hanging off Henry's brow?  This is just not right. 

Harry doesn't mind, but he does like to stay in the garage at night.

Sometimes, Harry can look downright regal.

I hope my fish pond isn't frozen solid.  How long will fish survive in a little pond with a frozen top?

He's a hardy little goat, but doesn't he look like a dwarf?  I'm thinking he's a dwarf Boer.  Is there such a thing?  He's just weird looking.  But he has a happy little smile on his face.


April said...

It looks beautiful and we wish we could be there. Rachel and Leah are mighty jealous!

Terra said...

Back in my goat showing days....... when you entered the contest.. Your goat had to be weighed.. And that was how the classed were broken up. For some readon all three of us sisters would ALWAYS end up in separate weight classes.
Why I typed all this out on my phone.. I don't know. Oh yeah! About your "dwarf goat".
I guess my story has no point, so I'll stop there.

Buttons said...

Wow I thought you were in Canada with me with the snow. I think your animals look good in the snow. Love your goat.

Mosaics said...

Terra, don't you think he looks out of proportion? He's going to the vet soon to get wethered. I'll be interested to see what he has to say about him. His funny little legs don't stop him from doing anything he wants to do, though

WeldrBrat said...

Your fishies will be just fine. Their metabolism slows down and syncs with temps. - which also slows down their appetite!

Enjoy the beauty! Take lots of pictures! And then pray that Mother Nature gets over being pissed really soon - for all of us! LOL