Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Farmer Liam

Grandbaby Liam's First Visit to the Farm

Hi, my name is Liam.  I'm seven months old and I came to visit my Pops and Shelly at the farm.  This is Shelly.  She's my grandma, but she doesn't want to be old, so she told me to call her Shelly.  Pops doesn't care if I call him Grandpa, but Shelly said to call him Pops anyway.

My daddy didn't feel good, so whle he took a nap (I didn't need a nap), Shelly took me on a tour of the farm.  I sat on the big red tractor.  I think I'll be driving it soon.

But for now, I can only sit.  It's time to get down now.  See how I wore the farm colors?  Red and tan.

Next, we went to see the goats.  Only Hyacinth would put her nose up here for me.  I kind of had the urge to bite it with my two teeth.  Billy didn't come see me 'cause he was busy eating hay.  Someday, I'll try eating some hay and see if it tastes as good as Billy thinks.

Then we went to see the donkeys.  This is Henry.  Wow, look at those ears!

I think he likes me.  Shelly doesn't usually let little people go in the gate because sometimes Kip and Henry get frisky and run and kick, but she thought it would be OK 'cause I can't walk yet.


We saw lots of chickens, too.  They love Shelly and they followed us all around.

I mostly liked Harry and Pearlie. 

This is the wishing well where the goldfish swim and wish.  I made some wishes, but I didn't swim.

I took a ride on the golf cart.  There was lots of good dirt on it.  When I get big, I'm gonna drive this bad baby.

We chilled on the patio in Shelly's new furniture.  Yo, yo.

Well, maybe I slept a little bit.  Just a ten minute power nap.


Terra said...

complete sweetness!

April said...

aww..very sweet. Looks like he & Shelly had a very eventful day. :o)