Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

First Flower Bed at the Farm!

Yay!  I missed having flower beds and am so excited about putting this one in.

A row of dwarf yellow cannas along the wall.  Cannas do tend to take over, but they are so easy to grow.  I had orange cannas at my other house that were about seven feet tall and totally took over.  I eventually pulled them all out and threw them over the back fence into the creek.  Some of them took root and still grow there to this day.

White trailing lantana in front of the cannas in the two wide parts of the bed.

A row of pink ruellia along the path border.  My neighbor/green thumb/avid gardener friend at my last house called these "Mexican petunias".  She had given me some lavender ruellia (also gave me the cannas that were transplanted from Memphis, TN), which spread pretty quickly, too.

And, the pink hydrangea, which will be finished blooming some time this month.  It's all flopped over because the flowers are so heavy, but in later years, the older, woody stems will help hold up the new growth with the flower heads on it.

I put those solar lanterns in there as an attempt to discourage Harry from walking through the flower bed.  He cuts through on that last corner and has smashed one of the lantanas so many times that there are only two stems left on it.  I'm hoping that will be just enough of an obstacle that he will just stay on the path.  I don't want to have to put electric wire around this.

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