Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Deja Vu

or "been there, done that".

Tom helped me repair the well planter this evening after church.  It is hot and humid and we were dripping with sweat, but I wanted to get my fish back in their little pond before they died of...well, whatever goldfish die of.  And my moon flower plant was wilting away, too.  The well guy said to expect it to happen again.  But, until then and for our planned Fourth of July party (on the third), the well is lookin' good.  And the fish are happy...if goldfish can be happy.

BTW, our neighbor's rain gauge registered seven+ inches for the big rain.  Our gauge only measures four and it was overflowing.

And, just because I'm proud of my weed free garden this year, here are some pics.
That first row is my sunflowers.  I'm very excited about them and can't wait until they bloom.

That big blank space is where the potatoes and broccoli were.  I'll be planting some sugar snap peas there this week.  Beside the sunflowers is the cabbage.  I've harvested a lot of it, but it looks like there are new little heads growing on them, so I didn't pull them up like I did last year.  I don't know if cabbages produce more than one head per plant or not, but I guess I'll find out.

My corn is smaller than everyone else's around here because I planted late.  Of the 30 organic heirloom seeds that I bought from Seeds of Change last year, only about 4-5 came up.  I'm not impressed with the seeds from that site at all.  The corn didn't do well last year either and the cucumbers were inedible.  Because my corn didn't come up this season, I ended up buying corn from a local feed store.  All but a couple of those came up and are doing well.


WeldrBrat said...

Darlin'... next year - go ahead and order the ' Mirai - White ' corn from Park Seed. If you read the story behind the creation of this seed - you'll have no issues about growing it. Even more - the yield will blow your mind! And you still have to sit and eat it after all that! We love it. It's never failed us. Heck, you can eat it raw! The biggest trick to success with it takes 2 things - consistent watering - and hitting those silks with a few drops of mineral oil ASAP and every other day until harvesting.

April said...

I am SO IMPRESSED with how the garden looks this year. I'm hoping there will be stuff to pick when we get there..the girls love to pick stuff!

Mosaics said...

I'm picking zucchini and tomatoes pretty regularly and that will continue all summer (unless moles kill the plants). Might have beans soon, but I don't think the corn will be ready by then.

April said...

We'll pick whatever..Leah especially likes to pick peas :o) Did you know that they taste like peanuts when you eat them raw? They are really good on salad.