Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Triple Duty Jeans

Husband goes through lots of jeans out here on the farm.  I recently bought him some work pants from Duluth Trading Company that will, hopefully, last longer than regular jeans.  But, in the meantime, I try to make the most of the ones he has.

When they're nice and new, he wears them as casual wear like we all do.

When they start looking a bit rough, they are put into work service.  Husband manages to get really, really dirty.  Apparently, he's on his knees a lot...

Because the pant's knees always get holes in them.  I've tried patching them, but it really isn't worth the effort for as little use he gets out of them afterwards before the knee tears again.

So, I cut them off right above the tear.  As shorts, we can both wear them.  They're too big for me and they look horrible just hanging on my hips as they do, but I like to wear them to do extra dirty jobs.  It extends the life of my own work clothes.

But, there comes a time when they are so holy (not sanctified, but full of holes), that they are no longer fit for anyone to wear.

So, I saw this great idea for a no-sew jean apron , and I unabashedly copied it. 

First, cut the seat out of the back.

Then cut up the sides at the seam.

Then, cut just under the waistband on both sides of the front, leaving the waistband attached to the back.

This is what you end up with.  Use the button to fasten around your waist.

It' probably looks like I'm walking around backwards, but since I made the first one, I've been using it like crazy.  

Here it is from the side.  The deep pockets can carry all sorts of things - cell phone, garden produce, tools, etc.  And, the belt loops are handy to hang things on.

This is a seriously useful thing to do with old jeans!

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Beth Hudson said...

Love this idea!