Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Saving the Pond

All this rain is causing big problems for our pond.

This is the spillway.  To the right of where the water is running, is the dam.  We usually are able to drive over the dam to get to the far side of the pond, but we can't do that now because the path is completely washed out.

If the dam fails, it will flood our neighbor's land and pond.  Thankfully, this is a low area and no structures would be damaged.  But...we do not want to lose our water or have to rebuild our dam.

So, Tom ran to the hardware store and bought some sandbags.  Nephew Jordan came over to help.

When we enlarged our pond a few years ago, we kept some of the sand that was dug out and made a small hill with it, which is the rise at the back of this picture, just in front of the trees.  It has since grown grass on it, but it is a solid mound of sand.

They used the golf cart to haul the sandbags back and forth until it's battery ran out.  I had been mowing for the past few hours, so I brought the mower down to help.  It had room for three sandbags on it's deck.

They tried it this way first...putting the bags in the crevice.

We were racing against the storms coming in.

Ginger is contemplating the chasm.  Will she leap across?  She did, but I wasn't expecting it and had popped the lens cover back on my camera.

Thirty-something sandbags piled in there.

From a distance.

But, when Tom checked it this morning, it had washed away behind and around the sandbags.

So, he piled them up along the top edge of the waterfall in hopes that it won't erode further,

We're supposed to get more rain tonight, so we'll see if this new arrangement will work any better.

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