Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Leaning Shed

This is the shed that we keep the lawn equipment in.  For some time, it has appeared to be leaning further and further forward.  At first, I thought it was an optical illusion because the ground around it is uneven.  The chickens like to take their dust baths in there and they're always tossing the dirt here and there.  It became increasingly obvious that it was, indeed, leaning.  So, I brought it Tom's attention and he went to investigate.  (This picture is of the shed after it was already lifted part of the way.  It was leaning much more than this.)

He rigged up this jack to lift the front of the shed.

The pole is wedged up against the beam that goes across the shed ceiling.  As he pumped the jack, it lifted the whole front of the shed up.

Then we could see that the poles that support the shed had either completely rotted away or been eaten by termites. 

As a temporary fix (which will probably be until the shed topples over), Tom shoved bricks up under the poles to hold it up until we can figure out a better way.

A shaky foundation.

It still leans a little.  At some point, we'll probably have to lift it out of the way and pour a concrete foundation to set it on.  That'll be better anyway because the chickens keep the floor torn up all the time.

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