Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Disgrace

So, my equine loving neighbor called me a few days ago.  She said her farrier would be at her place this Tuesday (today) and could she have Pony's feet trimmed.  Ah, there's nothing like a horse person noticing that you've neglected your equines.  Yes, I have been neglectful.  To my credit, I did notice that Pony could barely walk.  I did check on her and made a mental note to myself to call the farrier.  I did let a week go by without doing that (my terrible procrastinator self).

I deserved to be disgraced and I was.  But...all is well.  The farrier came over and trimmed Pony's feet and she's walking better already.

While the farrier was here, I was able to slip little donkey, Sophie, in there, too.  Her feet were so long that I don't know how she could even walk, much less run (but she could and did).  She was not happy about the feet trimming.  After working on a very upset Pony for a while, they gave her a break and started on Sophie.

After quite some time of kicking and thrashing, the farrier and my neighbor (who was a great help) decided to lay her down....

...and hold her down.  Neighbor layed across her and held three feet in his hands while farrier clipped away.

This might look easy, but this was a moment of calm during several storms.

Sophie kicked and thrashed and flailed and got her head stuck in the fence.  (Her head was behind neighbor's shoulder between the two fence slats).  Everyone (but me because I was standing there, useless, taking pictures) was bloody by the time it was over.  I've gotta hand it to them, neighbor and farrier stuck it out, stayed in a good humor, and got 'er done.  When it was time to let her up, they had to pry her head out of the fence, scraping her eyelid in the process.  Poor little thing.

Then, it was back to Pony.  I don't have pictures of this because I felt like a dope standing there taking pictures while they were struggling with a rearing, jumping, twisting, falling, fit throwing Pony.  I should have stuck it out, though, because it was really something to see.  It's a good thing she's little or she could have caused some damage to life and limb.

But, it's done and I'm on the farrier's schedule, which works better for me since I put off phone calls to schedule those kinds of things.


Terra said...

tisk tisk tisk

Meagan Claire said...

Wow, Mom. I can't believe you posted about how much you don't deserve equines.

Mosaics said...

I really don't.

April said...

MICHELLE LEIGH! I can't believe you did that! You should have put down the camera and put some skin in the game. :o(